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Product Details

Features of Panasonic controller FP-XH:

FP-XH ''ALL-IN-ONE'': PLC and motion controller

The new Panasonic PLC FP-XH combines a compact and durable PLC with a motion controller. The CPU has 16 digital inputs/outputs and in addition is equipped with 4 high-speed inputs. The PLC can be expanded with Panasonic's expansion units from the FP0R and FP-X series.

The FP-XH comes with electronic clutch, cam, and gear functions as well as functions for linear and circular interpolation.

The positioning parameters can be set in the PMX Configurator with the help of cam profiles. The PMX Configurator is integrated in the programming software Control FPWIN Pro 7.

The FP-XH uses a real-time bus for high-end applications, the tried-and-tested RTEX bus (Realtime Express).

Specifications of Panasonic controller FP-XH:






Number of

Control unit

Relay output type

DC input: 8, relay output: 6

DC input: 16, relay output: 14

DC input: 32, relay output: 28


Transistor output type

DC input: 8, transistor output: 6

DC input: 16, transistor output: 14

DC input: 32, transistor output: 28

I/O points

Max. I/O points when expanded

254 points (328 points max. when using

270 points (352 points max. when using

300 points (382 points max. when using


add-on cassettes and FP0R expansionunits)

add-on cassettes and FP0R expansionunits)

add-on cassettes and FP0R expansionunits)

Programming method / Control method

Relay symbol / Cyclic operation

Program memory

Built-in flash ROM (no backup batteryrequired)

Program capacity

16 k steps

32 k steps

32 k steps

Number of

Basic instructions



High-level instructions


Operation speed

Basic instruction: 0.32 μs~/step

I/O refresh + base time

0.2 ms [When using FP0R expansion units:1 ms + (1.5 × Number of expansion units) ms]

Operation memory


External inputs (X)

1,760 points (The actual usable number ofpoints is restricted by the hardware.)


External outputs (Y)

1,760 points (The actual usable number ofpoints is restricted by the hardware.)

Internal relay (X)

4,096 points (R0 to R255F)

Special internal relay (R)

192 points

Timer / counter (T/C)

1,024 points: timer capable of counting(1 ms, 10 ms, 100 ms, 1 sec.) × 32,767, Counter capable of counting 1 to32,767

Link relay (L)

2,048 points



-12,285 words (DT0 to DT12284)

32,765 words (DT0 to DT32764)




Data register


Special data register (DT)

374 words


Link register (LD)

256 words

High-speed counter (Note 1)

Built-in (Transistor output):single-phase 8 ch (50 kHz × 4 ch + 10 kHz × 4 ch)

Built-in (Relay output): single-phase 8ch (10 kHz × 8 ch)

Pulse I/O cassette: single-phase 2 ch (80kHz × 2 ch)

Pulse output (Note 2) / PWM output

Built-in (Transistor output): 100 kHz × 2ch + 20 kHz × 2 ch

Pulse I/O cassette: One unit (one axis)100 kHz, or two units (two axes) 80 kHz

Time measurement

10 μs ring counter


2 points (K0 to K1000)

2 points (K0 to K1000)

4 points (K0 to K1000)

Constant scan


Clock / calendar

When  AFPX-MRTC isattached: Year (last two digits), month, day, hours (24-hour display),minutes,

seconds, day of week. Operates only whena battery is installed.


Backup by P13 commands

Data register (32,765 words)

ROM backup

Auto-backup at power failure

Counter 16 points (1008 to 1023),Internal relay 128 points (R2480 to R255F),


Data register 55 words (C30 / C60 = 32710to 32764, C14 = 12230 to 12284)

Battery backup

The memory allocated in the storage areaby the system register (only when a battery is installed)

Detailed Pictures of Panasonic controller FP-XH:


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Q: Why choose heng-ray?

A: Since established in 2004, Heng-Ray is leading distributor of Panasonic, and focused on the total solution from designing & programming, product selection, installation & debugging, maintenance & other after-sale services for more than 15 years.


Q: Do you have other technical support?

A: Yes, our engineer team with 10+years experiences, can provide technical consulting, installation debugging, trouble shooting and maintenance.


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A: Generally by T/T, Paypal and Western Union also accept.


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A: We can arrange the shipment by DHL, FedEx, UPS,TNT, EMS with competitive price, of course, customers can also use your own freight forwarders.

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