Q Series Mitsubishi PLC And A Series Mitsubishi PLC

- Aug 12, 2018-

Q series Mitsubishi PLC: Large PLC introduced by Mitsubishi Corporation. The CPU types include basic CPU, high performance CPU, process control CPU, motion control CPU, and redundant CPU. Can meet a variety of complex control needs. Mitsubishi Electric's rapid development in China, in order to better meet the domestic users' requirements for high-performance and low-cost products of Mitsubishi PLC and Q series products, Mitsubishi Electric Automation has launched the economical QUATESET-type Mitsubishi PLC, which is equipped with 64 points. 5-slot Q00JCOUSET for high-density mixing unit; another 8-slot Q00JCPU-S8SET with two 16-point switching inputs and two 16-point switching outputs. Its performance is fully compatible with Q00J and fully supports GX-Developer. And so on, so it has an excellent price/performance ratio.

A series of Mitsubishi PLC: Using Mitsubishi dedicated sequencer chip (MSP), the speed/command is comparable to the large Mitsubishi PLC; the A2ASCPU supports 32 PID loops. The number of loops of the QnASCPU is unlimited, and can vary with the size of the memory; the program capacity is from 8K steps to 124K steps. If the memory card is used, the QnASCPU can be expanded to 2M bytes; there are a variety of special modules to choose from. Including network, positioning control, high-speed counting, temperature control and other modules.