New Mitsubishi Touch Screen 7 Inch Environment-enhanced GT2507T-WTSD

- Jul 01, 2019-

The new Mitsubishi touch screen 7-inch environment-enhanced GT2507T-WTSD is listed

 The GT2507T-WTSD has a wide range of operating temperature ranges and excellent UV protection. It maintains excellent performance in harsh environments. The silver metal case design gives the body a strong metallic feel and stylish appeal.

Six highlights of the GT2507T-WTSD

1, wide temperature working range: -20 ° C ~ 65 ° C

2, high brightness, anti-glare: more than 2 times higher than previous models

3, excellent UV protection: about 95% reduction of UV

4, anti-shock vibration protection design: more than 2 times higher than the previous models

5, high pressure water flow washing: IP66F, IP67F

6, in line with a variety of standard certification: safety standards, class standards