Introduction Of Mitsubishi PLC's FX3U Series

- Jul 07, 2018-

The FX3U series is a new third-generation Mitsubishi PLC newly launched by Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, which may be called a small supreme product. The basic performance is greatly improved. The basic unit of the transistor output type has built-in 3-axis independent maximum 100kHz positioning function, and adds new positioning commands, which makes the positioning control function more powerful and more convenient to use. The FX3U series products are FX2N replacement products, and the FX2N series products are no longer available in December 2012. Everyone will choose FX3U series products in the future. Mitsubishi PLC-FX3U series product introduction:

FX3U series PLC third generation micro programmable controller, built-in RAM memory up to 64K large capacity.

Built-in industry-leading high-speed processing of 0.065μS/basic instructions.

Control scale: 16~384 (including CC-LINK I/O) points.

Built-in independent 3-axis 100kHz positioning function (transistor output type).

A powerful and easy-to-use adapter can be connected to the left side of the base unit.

The built-in programming port can achieve high-speed communication of 115.2kbps, and can use up to three communication ports at the same time.

Up to 84 points (including remote I/O) can be controlled through the expansion of the CC-Link network.

The module can be monitored, tested, and clocked.

The FX3U series can also be mounted on the panel of the control cabinet.

FX3U series PLC programming software: GX Developer 8.23Z or higher is required.