Features Of FX3U-4LC Mitsubishi PLC Temperature Control Module

- Jun 28, 2019-

The FX3U-4LC temperature regulation module is a special function module with 4-channel input (thermocouple, temperature resistance, low voltage input), 4-point output (collector open-circuit transistor) and 4-point CT input for temperature control.

The FX3U-4LC has the following features:

1, can carry out 4 channel input

  It is used as an input sensor for temperature sensor inputs such as thermocouples and temperature measuring resistors.

  In addition, low voltage input is also possible.

2, built-in 4 channel output

  Built-in NPN open collector transistor output.

3, can be heated and cooled PID control

  The 2 system outputs of the heating output and the cooling output are operated for heating and cooling control.

4, can be connected in series

  The two control loops of the combined master and slave loops can be connected in series.

5, can use the control of the external analog input / analog output

  PID control using voltage/current input and voltage/current output can be performed by using it together with a special function module for analog input/output.

6, can be self-tuning

  The PID optimum constant with respect to the set temperature can be automatically measured, calculated, and set.

7, can be started to start tuning

  When the control is started or the set value (SV) is changed, the PID constant can be automatically calculated and set according to the response characteristics of the control object.

8, can perform heater disconnection detection

  Heater disconnection detection using current detection (CT) is possible.

9, can use the EEPROM set value backup

  The set value in the buffer memory can be backed up to the EEPROM built into the 4LC.

10, connect the programmable controller

  Can be used in conjunction with the FX3G / FX3U / FX3GC / FX3UC programmable controller.

  When connecting to the FX3GC/FX3UC PLC, FX2NC-CNV-IF or FX3UC-1PS-5V is required.