Mitsubishi Servo HG-SN52BJ-S100

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Features of Mitsubishi Servo HG-SN52BJ-S100:

Mitsubishi Servo HG-SN52BJ-S100

Support position control, speed control, torque control, push and press control.
Position control can use linear, arc interpolation controller, fixed size feed control, target position change and other rich functions.
The position control and torque control are realized by switching control mode.
The gain adjustment of servo can be simply performed by the advanced one key tuning function.
At the same time, it is also able to suppress the low frequency vibration of the manipulator by the advanced vibration suppression control II,
Shorten the time to complete the positioning, so as to achieve the production of the rhythm of the shortening.

Specifications of Mitsubishi Servo HG-SN52BJ-S100:

Servo motor series: low inertia, small capacity.
Rated output: 0.5kw.
Rated speed: 2000r/min.
Electromagnetic brake: there.
Oil seal: have.
Corresponding servo amplifier: MR-JE-10B/MR-JE-10A.


Detailed Pictures of Mitsubishi Servo HG-SN52BJ-S100:


Certification of Mitsubishi Servo HG-SN52BJ-S100:


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