Mitsubishi PLC Q62DAN

Heng-Ray supply high quality Mitsubishi PLC Q62DAN , we devoted to industrial automation more than 15 years, covering most of America, Europe, and Asia market, we look forward to become your long-term partner.

Product Details

Features Of Q62DAN:

Mitsubishi PLC Q62DAN allow the CPU to convert digital program values  to real world analog current or voltage signals. These can then be used to  control actuators whose properties vary between set limits, such as valve openings, speed control, extension distance, etc.

Specifications Of Q62DAN:



Number of analog input channels

2 channels

Digital input

16-bit signed binary (normal resolution mode: -4096 to 4095, high resolution mode: -12288 to 12287, -16384 to 16383)

Analog output


–10 to 10 V DC (External load resistance value: 1 kΩto 1MΩ )


0 to 20 mA DC (External load resistance value: 0Ω to 600Ω )

Accuracy (Accuracy in respect to maximum analog output value) 1

Ambient temperature 25 ± 5℃

Within ± 0.1 % (Voltage: ±10 mV, Current: ± 20μA)

Ambient temperature 0 to 55℃

Within ± 0.3 % (Voltage: ±30mV, Current: ± 60μA)

Conversion speed


Absolute maximum output


± 12 V


21 mA

Dielectric withstand voltage

Between the I/O terminal and programmable controller power supply: 500VAC for 1 minute Between external supply power and analog output: 500VAC for 1 minute

Insulation resistance

Between the I/O terminal and programmable controller power supply: 500VDC 20MΩ or more Between external supply power and analog output: 500VDC 20MΩ or more

Applicable solderless terminal

(A solderless terminal with sleeve cannot be used)

Number of occupied I/O points

16 points (I/O assignment: Intelligent 16 points)

Internal current consumption (5VDC)

0.33 A


0.19 kg

Detailed  Pictures Of  Q62DAN



Package: Strong outside carton box to protect the original package.

Shipping: arrange DHL, FedEx, UPS,TNT, EMS with competitive price

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Heng-RayCore Advantages:


Thanks for reading! Hope the FAQs can help you quickly understand Heng-Ray products and service.

Q: Can you help to select? I have never use Mitsubishi products before.

A: Yes, just inform us the specific parameters and requirements, we can assist in the selection. 

Q: Do you have other technical support?

A: Yes, our engineer team with 10+years experiences, can provide technical consulting, installation debugging, trouble shooting and maintenance.

Q: What about the shipment?

A: We can arrange the shipment by DHL, FedEx, UPS,TNT, EMS with competitive price, of course, customers can also use your own freight forwarders.

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