Mitsubishi PLC LE-40MTA-E

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Product Details

Features of Mitsubishi PLC LE-40MTA-E:

Mitsubishi PLC LE-40MTA-E is a tension control device. This model features power supply for application specific integrated circuits (ASICs), digital signal processors (DSPs), microprocessors, memories, etc., and is widely used in switching equipment, access equipment, mobile communications, microwave communications, and optical transmission, communication areas such as routers and automotive electronics.

Specifications of Mitsubishi PLC LE-40MTA-E:

Input points: 32 points

Rated input voltage: DC24V

Public mode: 32 points / public

Input and output occupied points: 32 points (I/O allocation: input 32 points)

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Certification of Mitsubishi PLC LE-40MTA-E: