Mitsubishi PLC FX3U-4DA-ADP

Heng-Ray supply high quality Mitsubishi PLC FX3U-4DA-ADP, we devoted to industrial automation more than 15 years, covering most of America, Europe, and Asia market, we look forward to become your long-term partner.

Product Details

Features of Mitsubishi PLC FX3U-4DA-ADP:

Analog output module.

(1) Annotation recording function, component annotations can be recorded in the program register.

(2) Online program editing. You can change the program online without losing your working time or stopping production.

(3) Remote maintenance. Remote programming software can monitor, download or uninstall programs and data via modem communication.

Specifications of Mitsubishi PLC FX3U-4DA-ADP:

Maximum number of input/output points: 16 points 

Power supply voltage: 100~240VAC 

Input points: 8 points 

Output points: 8 points

Power consumption: 20W 

Weight (kg): 0.6

Detailed Pictures of Mitsubishi PLCFX3U-4DA-ADP:


Certification of Mitsubishi PLC FX3U-4DA-ADP: