Mitsubishi PLC FX2N-48MR

Heng-Ray supply high quality Mitsubishi PLC FX2N-48MR, we devoted to industrial automation more than 15 years, covering most of America, Europe, and Asia market, we look forward to become your long-term partner.

Product Details

Features of Mitsubishi PLC FX2N-48MR:

1.The linear type is simple in structure and easy to install and maintain.

2. Use world famous brand parts, including pneumatic parts, electrical parts and operating parts.

3. High pressure double crank control mold opening and closing.

4.High automation and intelligent operation, no pollution

5. Use the connector to connect the air conveyor, which can be used directly with the filling machine.

Specifications of Mitsubishi PLC FX2N-48MR:

Mitsubishi PLC FX2N-48MR

1.Unit base, with built-in 24 input/24 output(relay),AC power
2.High quality, competitive price,new

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Certification of Mitsubishi PLC FX2N-48MR: