Wiring specification for the inverter

- Sep 12, 2018-

Signal line and power line must be separated. When using analog signal for remote control of Mitsubishi inverter, in order to reduce the interference of analog quantity from Mitsubishi inverter and other equipment, please control the signal line and strong electric circuit of Mitsubishi inverter. (Main circuit and sequence control circuit) separate the wires. The distance should be more than 30cm. Even in the control cabinet, it is necessary to maintain such wiring specifications. The control circuit between the signal and the Mitsubishi inverter shall not exceed 50m.

The signal line and the power line must be placed inside different metal pipes or metal hoses separately: if the signal lines connecting PLC and Mitsubishi inverters are not placed in the metal pipes, they are highly susceptible to interference from Mitsubishi inverters and external equipment; Mitsubishi inverter has no built-in reactor, so the input and output stage power lines of Mitsubishi inverter will have strong interference to the outside. Therefore, the metal tube or metal hose for placing the signal line has to be extended to the control terminal of Mitsubishi inverter. To ensure complete separation of the signal line from the power line.