Wiring method when the inverter is installed

- Jul 26, 2018-

1. The distance between Mitsubishi inverter and motor should be as short as possible. This reduces the capacitance of the cable to ground and reduces the source of interference.

2. The control cable is shielded cable. The power cable is shielded or shielded from the Mitsubishi inverter to the motor.

3. The motor cable should be independent of other cable traces with a minimum distance of 500mm. At the same time, the motor cable should be avoided to run parallel with other cables in a long distance, so as to reduce the electromagnetic interference generated by the rapid change of the output voltage of Mitsubishi inverter. If the control cable and the power cable cross, they should be crossed as much as possible at a 90 degree angle. The analog signal lines associated with Mitsubishi inverters are routed separately from the main circuit lines, even in control cabinets.

4. The analog signal line related to Mitsubishi inverter is best to use shielded twisted pair cable. The power cable is shielded with three-core cable (the specification is larger than that of ordinary motor cable) or the user manual of Mitsubishi inverter is used.