What the specification of Mitsubishi Q68DAVN

- Feb 11, 2019-

[Analog output point] 8 points

[digital input]

  ◆ Regular resolution mode: -4096~+4095

  ◆ High resolution mode: -12288~+12287,-16384~+16383

[Analog output]

  ◆ Voltage: DC-10~+10V (external load resistance: 1kΩ~1MΩ)

  ◆ Current: None

[Accuracy (accuracy relative to the maximum value of the analog output value)]

  ◆ Ambient temperature: 25±5°C, ±0.1%

  ◆ Ambient temperature: 0±55°C, ±0.3%

[conversion speed] 80μs/1 channel

[Voltage Absolute Maximum Output] ±12V

[Output short circuit protection]

【Insulation method】

  ◆ Between input and output terminals and programmable controller power supply: optocoupler insulation

  ◆ Between input channels: non-insulated

  ◆ Between external power supply and analog output: transformer insulation

[Insulation withstand voltage] AC500Vrms between 1 minute

[Insulation resistance] DC500V 20Ω or more