What is the main specification of QJ71LP21GE?

- Jun 20, 2019-

What is the main specification of QJ71LP21GE?

MELSECNET/10H module, main station, GI-62.5/125 fiber optic cable, double loop

Mitsubishi PLC module QJ71LP21GE remote master station performance specifications:

[Network maximum points]

      LX/LY: 8192 points

      LB: 16384 points

      LW: 16384 points

[Maximum number of links per station] Remote Master Station -> Remote I/O Station (LY+LB) / 8+ (2*LW) <=1600 bytes

[Maximum input/output points for each remote I/O station] X+Y<=4096 points. If the X/Y numbers are repeated, only one point becomes the target.

[Communication speed] 10Mbps

[Number of stations per network] 65 stations (remote master station: 1 remote I/O station: 64)

[Total distance] 30km

[distance between stations] 2km

[Connection cable] GI-62.5/125 fiber optic cable

[Applicable connector] 2-core fiber plug

[Number of remote I/O stations per station]

   M: 8192 points

   SM: 2048 points

   D: 12288 points

   SD: 2048 points