What is QX41-S1?

- Jan 17, 2019-

QX41-S1 is an input module for Mitsubishi Q series PLCs, 24VDC, common anode, 32-point (high-speed input), 40-pin connector. The company's Mitsubishi PLC module QX40-S1 price is good, a large number of stock, QX41-S1 wholesale sales!


Specification of Mitsubishi Q series input module QX41-S1

[Input form]: DC input module (positive common type)

[Enter Points]: 32 points

[Isolation method]: Photocoupler

[Rated input voltage]: DC24V (+20/-15%, ripple factor is less than 5%)

[rated input current]: about 4mA

[ON voltage / ON current]: 19V or higher / 3mA or higher

[OFF voltage / OFF current]: 9.5V or lower / 1.5mA or lower

[Input impedance]: about 5.6kΩ

[Response time setting]: 0.1ms/0.2ms/0.4ms/0.6ms/1ms