The difference between Mitsubishi inverter FR-A840 and FR-F840

- Jun 18, 2019-

Mitsubishi inverter FR-A840 is a new generation of Mitsubishi Electric inverter with high performance, simple operation, and greatly improved drive performance, in line with international standards. Compared with Mitsubishi inverter A740, it has higher quality and longer service life! The following is the difference between Mitsubishi inverter A840 and A740!


First, Mitsubishi inverter FR-A840 and A740 drive performance:


   Superior drive performance, the A840 is equipped with the latest high-speed processor for better control and responsiveness, ensuring stable and precise operation in a wide range of applications. Enhanced real-time sensorless vector control and vector control to meet the needs of a wide range of machine equipment. The communication response is equipped with real-time non-transponder vector control, which responds quickly to changes in line speed and avoids uneven winding. Mitsubishi inverter FR-A800 high vector control low speed high torque starting torque!


Second, Mitsubishi inverter FR-A840 and A740 safety protection:


    Safety protection, prior failure prevention ensures rapid recovery. In the Mitsubishi inverter FR-A800 design, we have always placed reliability and safety at the forefront. Quick response in the event of an unforeseen situation, standards comply with safety standards, easy implementation of safe function control operations, and support for secure communication networks through the use of options. Temperature monitoring prevents faults and the built-in temperature sensor outputs a signal when the ambient temperature is high. It helps to detect the internal temperature rise of the inverter caused by the failure of the cooling fan.


Third, Mitsubishi inverter FR-A840 and A740 parameter settings:


   Easy to operate and easy to set up with a variety of simple functions and equipment to improve work efficiency. Parameter copying via USB flash memory allows connection to external devices. MELSOFT's common design and operability, easy-to-use software that reflects the uniformity of Mitsubishi FA products as standard, with USB terminal plug-and-play connectivity. The Mitsubishi Inverter FR-A840 is easy to operate and can communicate automatically without any parameter settings. The parameter configuration is simple and easy to understand, and the parameters can be configured into a more intuitive and easy to understand parameter group mode. In addition, the panel is equipped with an operation panel (FR-LU08) with an LCD screen.


Fourth, Mitsubishi inverter FR-A840 and A740 energy saving and environmental protection:


    It is said that the power consumption of the motor accounts for about half of the total power consumption generated by the manufacturing industry. How to achieve energy savings in the factory without affecting productivity. With less energy consumption and greater output, the Mitsubishi Inverter FR-A800 Series will help you increase your plant's energy-saving variety of functions. Always adjust the optimal excitation current and maximize motor efficiency for energy savings.