Specification of Mitsubishi Q13UDEHCPU

- Mar 19, 2019-

A multi-count controllable input and output:

     As actual input and output points, you can access the input and output units, which are installed to the base unit, CPU unit, and support (X/Y0~FFF) 4096 points.

     In addition, it also supports up to (X/Y0~1FFF) as input and output device point 8192 points, which can be used for remote I/O stations MELSECNET / H remote I / O networks, such as CC-Link data link.

 High speed processing:

   The operation achieves high speed processing.

  • LD instruction processing speed: 9.5ns

  In addition, the high-speed system bus of the MELSEC-Q series basic unit, I realized the speed of the network's intelligent functional unit unit and access link refresh.

Can be connected to the extension base plate at 7 levels:

   The CPU unit can be connected to the extension base unit up to 7 levels.