Q02HCPU features

- Feb 15, 2019-

High performance mode (Q02CPU, Q02H/06H/12H/25HCPU)

● Supported local I/O up to 4096 points, the fastest command is only 34 nanoseconds

● Program capacity from 28K-252K steps (1 step = 4byte) ● Support Structured programming, the maximum number of programs is 252, each program is set to scan, low speed, wait, and can switch to each other

● Built-in standard RAM and ROM, file register number 128K, and can be extended to 1M

● With 12M USB and 115K RS232 programming interface (Q02 only RS232 programming port)

● The internal device is about 30K and can be set freely.

● Supports up to 4 CPUs, one system can integrate sequence CPU, process control CPU, motion control CPU (maximum 96 axes), PC CPU

● Support 100M Ethernet, and WEB SERVER module, use browser to monitor PLC through INTRANET, INTERNET, program monitoring, reading and writing, etc. Remote maintenance function

● Highly reliable 10M/25M MELSECNET/H fiber double loop network with communication distance up to 30KM. It also supports bus type coaxial cable MELSECNET/H network, the longest distance is 2500 meters.

● In addition to supporting open fieldbus CC-LINK, it also supports major industrial networks such as Profibus, DeviceNet, Modbus, ASi, etc.