Precautions when using the Mitsubishi PLC QJ71E71-100 e-mail function

- Feb 21, 2019-


 Note on the use of the e-mail function of the Mitsubishi PLC QJ71E71-100 (QJ71E71-100 e-mail function).

First, the system's considerations

  1. The purpose of the design system is to allow the entire system to function normally when sending e-mail to the running system and controlling the PLC and receiving e-mails from the running system and controlling the PLC.

  2. In order to avoid PLC system failure caused by external source receiving illegal e-mail, it is necessary to take precautions to prevent illegal e-mail (using anti-virus programs, etc.) on the mailbox used by the Ethernet module side.


Second, the precautions of external equipment

  1. The email can be sent to the PLC CPU station where the Q series Ethernet module is installed.

   Since the conventional A/QnA series Ethernet modules do not have an e-mail function, e-mail cannot be sent to those PLC CPU stations.

  2. In order to send the file to the Ethernet module by email attachment, please specify the encoding method of the attachment (Base64/7 bit/8 bit/Quoted printable)