Parameters of Mitsubishi Servo drive MR-J4-60A

- Jul 12, 2019-

Parameters of Mitsubishi Servo drive MR-J4-60A?

With safety specifications and ECO counterparts, this product not only targets the industry's fastest, but also incorporates the concept of integrating humans, machinery and the environment into this product. 

■ Mechanical: The industry's fastest 2.5KHz speed frequency response performance, combined with the rotary servo motor 4194304 (22bit) decomposition can be combined with the absolute position detector standard equipped system.

 ■ Human aspects: The safety and comfort environment is oriented towards people, and the safety specifications correspond to the enrichment of Easy to user design. 

■ Environment: A multi-axis integrated servo drive with advanced functions in response to the ECO era. 

■ Inheritance: The combination of the servo drive and the controller of the previous model has a very corresponding design.