MR-J5 Mitsubishi new generation universal servo drive system

- Jun 27, 2019-

Mitsubishi Electric announced that it will introduce a new generation of general-purpose servo drive system MELSERVO-J5 (MR-J5 or J5 for short), which may become the world's first servo product using the next generation of industrial network technology.

The new MR-J5 drive continues the MELSERVO family's consistent style, using a single, independent structural style, each model of the drive module is integrated with a complete rectification and inverter circuit, can be a separate set of servo drive system.

  At the same time, multiple servo drives can be seamlessly mounted side by side, and can also form a modular drive system with a common DC bus, which will help users to optimize the layout of the electrical components of the equipment and the distribution of power lines. The low power drive unit offers dual or triple axis module options to further save the user space in the electrical cabinet. Of course, this is actually a function that has continued from the previous generation J4.

In terms of power input, the MR-J5 is compatible with the previous MELSERVO and adapts to global standards. It can provide AC power types with voltages of 200V and 400V.

  On the power output side, MELSERVO has introduced the new HK series servo motors, and has a small expansion in the small capacity and medium capacity series, such as:

  The small capacity HK-KT has been upgraded from 750W of the original HG-KR to 2kW;

  The medium capacity HK-ST has been upgraded from 7kW of the original HG-SR to 11kW;