Mitsubishi Q Series CPU Q02CPU Product Overview

- Feb 14, 2019-

[Control mode] Store program loop operation

    [I/O control mode] refresh mode

    【programming language】

    Sequential control language: relay symbol language, logical symbol language, MELSAP3 (SFC), MELSP-L, function block, structured text (ST)

    Process Control Language: None

    [Processing speed (sequence command)] LD X0 79ns, MOV D0 D1 237ns

    [Constant scan (function to make the scan time constant)] 0.5 to 2000ms (can be set in units of 0.5ms)

    [program capacity] 28k steps (112k bytes)


    Program memory (drive 0): 112k bytes

    Memory card (RAM) (drive 1): installed memory card capacity (maximum 2M bytes)

    Memory card (ROM) (drive 2): installed memory card capacity (Flash card: up to 4M bytes; ATA card: up to 32M bytes)

    Standard RAM (driver 3): 64 bytes

    Standard ROM (drive 4): 112k bytes

    CPU shared memory: 8k bytes

    [Maximum number of files stored]

    Program memory: 28

    Memory card (RAM): 287 (when using Q2MEM-2MBS)

    Memory card (ROM): Flash card 228; ATA card 512

    Standard RAM: 3

    Standard ROM: 28

    [Standard ROM write times] up to 100,000 times

    [I/O device points] 8192 points (X/Y0 to 1FFF)

    [I/O points] 4096 points (X/Y0 to FFF)

    [RUN/PAUSE contact] A RUN/PAUSE contact can be set in each of X0 to 1FFF.

    [Instantaneous power failure allowed time] according to the power module

    [DC5V internal current consumption] 0.60A

    [Dimensions H*W*D[mm]] 98*27.4*89.3

    [weight] 0.2kg