Mitsubishi PLC QY80 parameter description

- Jan 28, 2019-

[Output Type] Transistor Source Output Module

 [output points] 16 points

 [Isolation method] Photocoupler

 [rated load voltage] 12-24VDC (+20/-15%)

 [Maximum load current] 0.5A/point, 4A/common

 [Maximum starting current] 4A, 10ms or less

 [Leakage current at OFF] 0.1mA or less

 [Maximum voltage drop at ON] 0.2VDC (standard) 0.5A, 0.3VDC (max.) 0.5A

 [OFF->ON response time] 1ms or less

 [ON->OFF response time] 1ms or less (rated load, resistive load)

 [Surge suppressor] Zener diode

 [Fuse] 6.7A (cannot be changed) (fuse blown current 50A)

 [Fuse blow indication] Yes

 [External power supply voltage] 12/12VDC (+20/-15%) (with a ripple factor of 5%)

 [External power supply current] 20mA (at 24VDC) / 1 common

 [Dielectric withstand voltage] 560VAC ms/3 cycles (2000m above sea level)

 [Insulation resistance] 10MΩ or higher measured by insulation resistance tester

 [Implication] The first instantaneous click of the hum sound simulator with 1500Vp-p hum voltage, 1μs click width and 25 to 60Hz click frequency IEC61000-4-4: 1kV

 [Protection level] IP2X

 [Common terminal arrangement] 16 points / common

 [I/O Points] 16 (Set the I/O assignment by the 16-point output module.)

 [Run indicator] ON indicator (LED)

 [External connection] 18-point end row (M3*6 screw)

 [5VDC internal current consumption] 80mA (standard: all points ON)

 [Dimensions (H*W*D)] 98*27.4*90mm

 [weight] 0.17kg