Mitsubishi PLC QD77MS2 parameter description

- Feb 25, 2019-

Mitsubishi PLC QD77MS2 parameter description: 2 axes; 2 axis linear/circular interpolation; synchronous mode synchronous encoder input, cam, phase correction, cam automatic generation; control unit mm, inch, degree, PLS; positioning data 600 data/axis; SSCNETIII /H connection


Mitsubishi PLC simple motion module QD77MS2 product specifications / parameters detailed description

[Control Axis Number] 2 Axis

[Operation cycle] 0.88ms/1.77ms

[Interpolation function] 2-axis linear interpolation, 2-axis circular interpolation

[Control mode] PTP (Point To Point) control, trajectory control (linear and arc can be set), speed control, speed, position switching control, position, speed switching control, speed, torque control

[Control unit] mm, inch, degree, PLS

[Positioning data] 600 data/axis (can be set by GX Works2, sequence program)

[Backup] parameters, positioning data, block start data can be saved in flash memory (without battery)



       PTP control: incremental mode / absolute mode

       Speed. Position switching control: incremental mode / absolute