Mitsubishi PLC Q173DPX Q Series Manual Pulse Generator Input Unit

- Dec 07, 2018-

Mitsubishi PLC Q173DPX is a manual pulse generator input unit for the Mitsubishi Q series motion controller. Applicable models are Q173HCPU, Q173HCPU-T, Q172HCPU, Q172HCPU-T, Q173CPUN, Q173CPUN-T, Q172CPUN, Q172CPUN-T, Q173CPU, Q172CPU.

Specification of Mitsubishi PLC Q173DPX:

  [Manual Pulse Generator / INC Synchronous Encoder Input]

    Number of units available: 3 units

    Voltage output / collector open circuit: high level voltage DC3.0~5.25V, low level voltage DC0~1V

    Differential output type: high level voltage DC2.0~5.25V, low level voltage DC0~0.8V

    Input frequency: up to 50kpps (4x increase, maximum 200kpps)

    Adaptation type: voltage output / open collector type (DC5V) (recommended product: MR-HDP01), differential output type (26LS31 or equivalent)

    Maximum cable length: voltage output type 10m, differential output type 30m

  [Tracking/Enable Input]

    Input points: 3 points

    Input method: positive/negative sharing (optocoupler insulation)

     Rated voltage / current: DC12V / 2mA, DC24V / 4mA

     Operating voltage range: DC20.4~26.4V

     ON voltage / current: DC10V or more / 2mA or more

     OFF voltage / current: DC1.8V or less / 0.18mA or less

     Response time: 0.4ms, 0.6ms, 1ms (OFF->ON, ON->OFF) optional parameters, default 0.4ms

  [Input and output occupied points] 32 points

  [Dimensions H*W*D] 98*27.4*90mm

  [DC5V internal current consumption] 0.38A