Mitsubishi PLC Q13UDVCPU and PLC control cabinet

- Nov 01, 2018-

  What are the main components of  plc control cabinet?

  NO.1 A 24VDC switching power supply.Most PLCs(such like Q13UDVCPU)  need a 24VDC power supply, depending on whether you really need to determine whether you want this switching power supply.


  NO.2 Terminals is definitely something that is essential for every cabinet. It can be configured according to the number of signals. If it's just a simple PLC control cabinet, you basically need these things. If you need other things in your control cabinet, you may increase terminals depending on different situation .


  NO.3 A total air switch.This is the power control of the entire cabinet. I believe that every cabinet must have it.


  NO.4 Relay.General PLC can directly send the command to the control loop, but it may also be relayed by the relay first.


  NO.5 PLC.This should be selected according to engineering needs. For example, if the project is small, it can be directly an integrated PLC. However, if the project is relatively large, it may require modules and cards, and may also require redundancy  two sets of modules and cards