Mitsubishi PLC Q series introduction -- basic mode (Q00JCPU,Q00CPU,Q01CPU)

- Mar 15, 2019-

1. Supported I/O points of 1024 (Q00JCPU is 256 points)

2. Q00JCPU is a CPU unit composed of CPU, power supply and main substrate (5 slots).(the power module is designed as 100v-240v.) Q00CPU and Q01CPU are independent CPU modules.

3. The program efficiency (program length) of q-cpu is twice that of series A

4. The memory of the components is 19K words, allowing the soft components to be allocated arbitrarily within the range of 16K words.In addition,Q00/Q01CPU USES RAM as standard RAM for file registers.The file register contains 32K words and can handle large volumes of data.

5. QCPU basic mode contains flash ROM.A standard CPU can perform ROM operations without a memory card.

6. Q00/Q01CPU basic mode has serial communication function.The rs-232 interface of the CPU can communicate with external devices using the MC communication protocol.This function makes the CPU no longer need serial communication module and reduces the cost.

7. Thanks to the automatic cc-link startup function, you can start cc-link without setting parameters, refresh data, and reduce the time of manual parameter setting.

8. Q PLC programming is more simple, special function modules have special setting software, no need TO A series of PLC like FROM/TO instruction programming

9. Q basic mode version B supports floating point operation, 8-way PID, standard RAM increased to 128K, support ST (structured text, class high-level language), SFC, SFB programming.