Introduction to Mitsubishi Inverter

- Aug 08, 2018-

Mitsubishi inverter is a power control device that converts power frequency power to another frequency by using the on/off function of the power semiconductor device. Mitsubishi inverter mainly adopts AC-DC-AC (VVVF frequency conversion or vector control frequency conversion), first converts the power frequency AC power supply into DC power through the rectifier, and then converts the DC power into AC power with frequency and voltage control. Supply the motor. The circuit of Mitsubishi inverter is generally composed of four parts: rectification, intermediate DC link, inverter and control. The rectification part is a three-phase bridge type uncontrollable rectifier, the inverter part is an IGBT three-phase bridge inverter, and the output is a PWM waveform, and the intermediate DC link is filtering, DC energy storage and buffer reactive power.