Introduction to mitsubishi FX series PLC

- Mar 01, 2019-

It is written in FX that PLC includes FX1S/FX1N/FX2N/FX3U four basic types of PLC, including FX0 series products in the early stage.

FX1S series is an integral fixed I/O structure, with the maximum I/O points being 40 and I/O points being non-expandable.

The FX1N/FX2N/FX3U series is a basic unit plus extension structure, which can be added with I/O extension module.

The maximum number of I/O points in FX1N is 128

FX2N has a maximum I/O of 256

FX3U's maximum I/O count is 384 (including cc-link remote I/O)

FX1NC/FX2NC/FX3UC is a deformation series, the main difference is the connection mode of the terminal and the PLC power input, the deformation series of terminal adopts the plug-in, the input power can only 24VDC, cheaper than the ordinary series.Common series of terminals are connected by terminals and the voltage is allowed to use AC power supply.

FX1S series PLC can only communicate with external devices through rs-232, rs-422 / rs-485 and other standard interfaces, and between computers and PLC.FX1N/FX2N/FX3U added as-i/cc-link network communication function.