Introduction of mitsubishi Q series PLC

- Feb 27, 2019-

Q series PLC is A series of medium and large PLC products developed by mitsubishi from the original A series PLC.Q series PLC is modular PLC.According to different performance, the CPU of Q series PLC can be divided into basic type, high performance type, process control type, motion control type, calculation type, redundancy type and so on.

1. The basic CPU includes Q00J,Q00 and Q01, which are three basic models.Q00J is compact, compact PLC, maximum I/O point is 256, program capacity is 8K, can be applied to small-scale control system.The Q01 series cpus are the most powerful in the basic model, and the maximum I/O points can reach 1024

2. High-performance CPU including Q02,Q02H,Q06H,Q12H,Q25H and other varieties,Q25H series of the strongest function, the largest I/O points for 4096 points, the program capacity of 252K, can be applied to the control system in large scale.Q series process control CPU including Q12H,Q25H two basic models, can be used for small DCS system control.The process control CPU makes up the PLC system, and the programming software used is different from the general PLC system (DX Develop), using PX Develop software.Q series process control CPU can be programmed by FBD, a special programming language for process control. The process control CPU has enhanced the PID regulation function.

3.Q series sport cpus include two basic models, Q172 and Q173, which can be used for positioning control of 8-axis and 32-axis respectively.

4.Q series of redundant cpus currently have Q12PRH and Q25PRH two specifications, redundant system for the control system reliability requirements are very high, do not allow the control system shutdown control occasions.