Introduction of Mitsubishi PLC's FX3G series

- May 31, 2018-

FX3G series PLC has built-in large-capacity program memory, up to 32K steps. In standard mode, the basic command processing speed can reach 0.21μs. In addition, the number of devices that are greatly expanded allows you to edit programs and process data more freely. In addition, FX3G also performs superiorly in terms of floating-point operations and interrupt processing.

The FX3G body comes with two high-speed communication interfaces (RS422 & USB), which can be used synchronously and the communication configuration selection is more flexible. The transistor output type basic unit also has built-in maximum three-axis 100KHz independent pulse output, which can be easily set by software editing instructions.

In terms of program protection, FX3G has an essential breakthrough. Two levels of passwords can be set to distinguish between device manufacturers and end users. The password program protection function locks the PLC until a new program is loaded.

The third-generation FX3 series PLC has improved the scalability of the product and has a unique dual bus expansion method. Use the left bus to expand the connection analog/communication adapter (up to four), the data transmission efficiency is higher, and the programming work is simplified; the right bus is fully compatible with the original system, and can be connected to the FX series. Traditional I/O extensions and special function modules. Two expansion boards can also be installed on the base unit, which can be matched with the most intimate control system according to the needs of customers.