Installation environment of Mitsubishi inverter

- Jun 28, 2018-

1. Working temperature of Mitsubishi inverter: The internal power of Mitsubishi inverter is high-power electronic component, which is very susceptible to the working temperature. The general requirement of the product is 0~55°C, but in order to ensure safe and reliable work, it should be considered when using it. The room is best controlled below 40 °C. In the control box, Mitsubishi inverter should be installed in the upper part of the box, and strictly follow the installation requirements in the product manual. It is absolutely not allowed to install the heating element or the heat-prone component close to the bottom of the Mitsubishi inverter.

2. Mitsubishi inverter ambient temperature: When the temperature is too high and the temperature changes greatly, the condensation phenomenon inside the Mitsubishi inverter is prone to occur, and its insulation performance will be greatly reduced, and even a short circuit accident may be caused. If necessary, desiccant and heater must be added to the tank. In the water treatment room, the water vapor is generally heavy. If the temperature changes greatly, this problem will be more prominent.