How to distinguish Mitsubishi PLC FX3U-32MR from true and fake

- Nov 13, 2018-

There are many imitations of FX3U(such like FX3U-32MR) on the market. Its stability in practical applications is poor, causing great economic losses to users. In view of this, this article makes a difference between the original and the imitation of FX3U for your reference. The most obvious differences between authentic and imitation goods are as follows.

1. Appearance. The nameplate label of the authentic product is white. The nameplate of the imitation is obviously yellow.

2, IO board. The original main control core is Mitsubishi's chip. Others such as optocoupler, transistor and driver chip are all original Japanese original devices.On the contrary the imitation goods are domestic devices. The appearance and color are easy to distinguish.

3, The original has insulation protection glue, which can prevent moisture, corrosion, etc.The imitation goods are not.

From the whole machine, the original PCB board process is good, but the imitation goods are poor. The most obvious is that the original genuine via is a very bright via, you can see the yellow copper foil, and most of the imitation goods are covered. with Oil. The color of the whole board is also greatly deviated.