How to connect Mitsubishi AC Servo MR-JE amplifier to a single-phase AC200 to 240 power supply?

- Nov 21, 2018-

If the Mitsubishi AC Servo MR-JE series amplifier power is below 750W, the 750W single-phase power supply is connected to the L1 and L terminals. If it is connected to L1 and L2, the parameters cannot be saved after modification. After power-on, it will be restored to the previously modified value.

If production date of 1kw 2kw MR-JE amplifier is after May 2015, these models can be connected to single phase 220V.1KW MR-JE amplifier is connected to L1, L3 terminal, 2KW drive is connected to L1, L2 terminal. If the production date is before May 2015,All can only be connected to three-phase 220V power supply specifications.