How the frequency converter works

- Sep 30, 2018-

Main circuit: The function of the reactor is to prevent the higher harmonics generated by the Mitsubishi inverter from returning to the grid through the input loop of the power supply and affect other power receiving equipment. It is necessary to determine whether the reactor needs to be added according to the capacity of the Mitsubishi inverter; The filter is installed at the output of the Mitsubishi inverter to reduce the high-order harmonics output from the Mitsubishi inverter. When the distance from the Mitsubishi inverter to the motor is long, the filter should be installed. Although the Mitsubishi inverter itself has various protection functions, the phase loss protection is not perfect. The circuit breaker is overloaded in the main circuit and lacks equal protection. When selecting the type, it can be selected according to the capacity of the Mitsubishi inverter. The thermal relay can be replaced by the overload protection of the Mitsubishi inverter itself.

Control circuit: manual switching with power frequency conversion, in order to manually cut the power frequency when the frequency conversion fails, because the output terminal can not add voltage, the solid power frequency and frequency conversion must have interlock.