General specification of Mitsubishi inverter FR-D740

- Jan 22, 2019-

The general specifications of Mitsubishi inverter FR-D740 are as follows:

The control characteristics:

  1. Control mode: Soft-PWM control / high carrier frequency PWM control (V/F control, universal flux vector control, optimal excitation control)

  2, the output frequency range: 0.2 ~ 40OHz

  3, frequency setting resolution

     1), analog input

       A, 0.06Hz/60Hz (terminal 2.4: 0~10V/10bit)

       B, 0.12Hz/60Hz (terminal 2.4: 0~5V/9bit)

       C, 0.06Hz/60Hz (terminal 4: 0~20mA/10bit)

     2), digital input: 0.01Hz

  4, frequency accuracy

    1) Analog input: 1% of the maximum output frequency (25 °C ± 10 °C)

    2), digital input: set within 0.01% of the output frequency

  5. Voltage/frequency characteristics: The reference frequency can be arbitrarily set within the range of 0~400Hz; the constant torque and variable torque patterns can be selected.

  6. Starting torque: 150% or more (1 Hz)... When setting the universal flux vector control to set the slip compensation

  7, torque boost: manual torque boost

  8. Acceleration/deceleration time setting: 0.1~3600s can be selected (acceleration and deceleration time can be set separately), straight line or S-character acceleration/deceleration mode

  9, DC braking: operating frequency (0 ~ 120Hz), operating time (0 ~ 10s), operating voltage (0 ~ 30%) variable

 10, stall prevention action level: the action current level can be set (variable from 0 to 200%), you can choose with or without.