Communication functions supported by Mitsubishi PLC FX3U-80MR

- Dec 20, 2018-

The FX3U·FX3UC PLC(like Mitsubishi PLC FX3U-80MR)supports the following communication functions.

1, CC-Link

  The FX3u·FX3UC PLC can be used as the CC-Link master station to build a CC-Link system. Moreover, the A series programmable controller or the QnA series programmable controller is used as the master station, and the FX series programmable controller can be connected to the slave station (remote device station). In addition to the FX series, CC-Link is an open fieldbus that can be connected to inverters, AC servo systems, and sensors.


  It is the remote I/O system of the FX3u·FX3UC PLC as the master station. The remote module can use the module for the MELSEC-I/O LINK remote I/O system (equivalent to the A series programmable controller).

3.AS-i system

  The FX3u·FX3UC PLC is the master station of each AS-i system and can be used to build a network system that implements the sensor layer.

4.simple inter-PC link

  Up to 8 programmable controllers can be connected to automatically exchange data between these products.

5. parallel links

  Two programmable controllers are connected to automatically exchange data between these products. link

  As a master station, the computer can connect up to 16 FX and A series programmable controllers, and directly exchange the devices of the programmable controller from the computer for data exchange. The protocol for computer linking, there are format 1, format 4. In addition, if you use MX Component and MX Sheet, you can easily set up the monitoring/recording of the programmable controller system with Excel.

7.inverter communication

  Up to 8 inverters can be controlled via RS-485 communication.