Basically parameter of Mitsubishi PLC Q10UDHCPU

- Feb 28, 2019-

Mitsubishi Mitsubishi PLC Q10UDHCPU summary:

[Control method] sequence control program control method

[Q10UDHCPU program capacity] 100K steps

[I/O control mode] Refresh mode (I/O can be accessed directly by specifying direct access to I/O (DX, DY))

【programming language】

  ◆ Sequential control language: relay symbol language, logical symbol language, SEELSAP3 (SFC), MELSAP-L, function block and structured text (ST)

[Peripheral device connection port] USB, RS-232

[Memory Card Interface] Yes (SRAM/Flash/ATA Card)

[Q10UDHCPU processing speed (sequence program command)]

  ◆ LD X0: 9.5ns

  ◆ MOV D0 D1 190ns

[Constant scan] 0.5~2000ms (can be set in units of 0.5ms)