Basic components of Mitsubishi PLC Q06UDHCPU’s hardware system

- Nov 29, 2018-

Q series PLC is a large and medium-sized PLC series developed by Mitsubishi Corporation based on A series PLC.Q series PLC adopts modular structure.The composition of the series products are flexible. The maximum input/output points are up to 4096 points; the maximum program memory capacity is 252K steps, and the expansion memory can reach 32MB.The processing cycle of basic instructions is 34ns,it is suitable for the control occasions of various medium and complex machinery and automatic production lines, and its performance index is in the world leading position.

   The basic components of the Q series PLC include power modules, CPU modules, substrates, and I/O modules. According to the needs of the control system, the series products have a variety of power modules, CPU modules, substrates, I / O modules for users to choose. The number of I/O points can be increased by extending the substrate and the I/O module, and the program memory capacity can be increased by expanding the memory card. The performance of the PLC can be improved by various special function modules, and the application range of the PLC can be expanded.