A brief introduction to Mitsubishi PLC products FX-5U

- Nov 07, 2018-

Mitsubishi PLC is a new type of industrial automatic control device that integrates automatic control technology, communication technology and computer technology with microprocessor as the core.Nowadays, PLC has become the most important and most widely used control device in the field of industrial automation. It ranks first among the three pillars of industrial production automation (programmable controller, robot, computer-aided design and manufacturing), and Mitsubishi PLC is an indispensable part of Industry 4.0. !


   Mitsubishi PLC can control various types of machinery or production processes through digital or analog input and output. It is currently widely used in petroleum, steel, electric power, chemical, machinery manufacturing, textile, automotive, transportation, environmental protection and Culture and entertainment and other industries.


   Mitsubishi PLC is also divided into two categories: large PLC and small PLC, among which Mitsubishi Q series PLC and Mitsubishi FX series PLC(especially FX-5U series PLC) are represented.


   Mitsubishi Q series PLC is a large-scale PLC series product, its structure adopts modular form, which makes the composition and scale of its products flexible, PLC input and output points up to 4096 points; its program memory capacity can reach up to 252K steps. It can reach 32M with extended memory; the processing speed of basic instructions can reach 34ns; its performance level is the world leader, and it can be applied to the control occasions of various medium and complex machinery and automatic production lines. This type of Mitsubishi PLC products are also compared easy to repair.